The Latin word "Caritas" is mercy, sacrificial love. It is also the name of the 154 National Catholic charitable organizations operating in 198 countries and regions of the world. This organization is united to the international confederation "Caritas Internationalis".

The purpose of the organization "Caritas" is the practical implementation of social and integrated service, humanitarian aid and human development. Caritas cares about people regardless of their nationality, worldview, religion or social status.


Caritas activities in Atyrau

  • care for people in need
  • assistance to large families
  • nursing at home
  • giving a warm lunch to the homeless during the winter period
  • distribution of clothes to the homeless and the needy people
  • assistance to parents of children with Down Syndrome


Крайчовичова Эва, Krajčovičová Eva
тел.: +77025148386