Spiritual Service

The heart of man is restless, until it rests in God!
St. Augustine

A human heart is too demanding and is always searching for things that can satisfy its longing but only God can truly satisfies it. Through our spiritual offer we try to help people fill their deepest need. We try to mediate a personal meeting with God so that through His closeness we can have peace, power, light and at the same time find answers to the questions that initially disturb the person.“Who is the person? What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of suffering, evil and death? What should a person give to society? What follows after earthly life? ”

We try to fill these needs especially through conversations and spiritual guidance, catechisms, prayer meetings, daily adoration and daily Holy Mass, sacrament of penance (confession) other sacraments and the preparation for their reception.

Since Atyrau is a typical city where many English speaking foreigners live, we also offer spiritual services in English language. Regular holy mass in English is celebrated on Saturdays at 17:00 and on Sundays at 09:00 am.

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Monday — Friday

Holy Mass — 7 pm


Holy Mass — 5 pm (English)


Holy Mass — 9 am (English)
Holy Mass — 11 am (Russian)
Holy Mass — 6 pm (Russian)

Adoration — Exposition of Blessed Sacrament: one hour before the Mass
Holy Rosary: half hour before the Mass
The Sacrament of Confession: half hour before the Mass

We invite you to visit the catholic parish in Atyrau!

Our offer

Nedeľná škola

  • care for people in need
  • assistance to large families
  • nursing at home
  • giving a warm lunch to the homeless during the winter period
  • distribution of clothes to the homeless and the needy people
  • assistance to parents of children with Down Syndrome